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Green Bushes

When I was a-walking one morning in May,
To hear the birds singing and the nightingales play
I heard a young damsel, so sweetly sang she,
"Down by the green bushes where he thinks to meet me"

"I'll buy you fine beavers and fine silken gowns,
I'll buy you fine petticoats flounced to the ground,
If you will prove loyal and constant to me,
Forsake your own true love, and marry with me".

"I want none of your beavers nor fine silken hose,
For I ne'er was so poor as to marry for clothes,
But I will prove loyal and constant to thee,
Forsake my own true love and married we'll be."

"Come, let us be going, kind sir, if you please,
Come let us be going from under these trees;
For yonder is coming my true love to see,
Down by the green bushes where he thinks to meet me!"

But when he got there and found she was gone,
He stood there like some lambkin, was left quite forlorn,
"She's gone with some other, and forsaken me,
So adieu the green bushes, for ever adieu".

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