ALAN HULL - THE HULL STORY SIR BOBBY ROBSON - ANOTHER (K)NIGHT TO REMEMBER Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer, Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Hodgson, Billy Mitchell, Jim Rosenthal, Mark Knopfler, Joe McElderry, Andre Villas-Boas, Alan Pardew, Steve Harper, Shola Ameobi, Stuart Pearce, Alastair McGowan, Russell Watson, Ruby Turner, Brendan Healy, Faryl Smith, Paul Smith, Ben Ottewell, The Unthanks, The Cornshed Sisters, Scarlet Street.

ALAN HULL - THE HULL STORY SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012 Tim Healy, Kevin Whately, Chris Fairbank, Denise Welch, Brendan Healy, Charlie Hardwick, Chelsea Halfpenny and many more.
Various Artists

ALAN HULL - THE HULL STORY BIG RIVER BIG SONGS - Featuring Sting, Jimmy Nail, Mark Knopfler, Joe McElderry, Jill Halfpenny, Lindisfarne, Claire Rutter and many more.
Various Artists

ALAN HULL - THE HULL STORY Passin' the Folks Alang the Road! George Ridley & the Blaydon Races
Craig Conway
Geoff Wonfor
Graeme Danby


OUT NOW ON DVD... Passin' the Folks Alang the Road! George Ridley & the Blaydon Races. A new film by Geoff Wonfor starring Craig Conway as Geordie Ridley.
OUT NOW ON CD... Gannin' to Blaydon Races! - The Songs of George Ridley. Arranged & produced by Vic Gammon.
OUT NOW... Gannin' to Blaydon Races! - The life and times of George Ridley. A new book by Dave Harker.
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SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. I have enjoyed the dvds that I have brought from you not only this week - Sunday For Sammy 2012 which I received this morning and have watched and enjoyed tonight but also previous Sunday for Sammy dvds in 2008 and 2006 as well as Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne And The Tall Ships 2005 - I have enjoyed them all and may It continue hence why I have now ordered Sunday for Sammy 2004 and 2010. Shelley B
SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. I have just finished watching it, really enjoyed it. Hats off to Tim and his colleagues. Andrew P
SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. Many thanks for sending me the Sunday for Sammy DVD so quickly. This is a highly entertaining, amusing and well produced DVD. In addition, the three fantastic songs performed by the excellent Joe McElderry make it essential viewing for his many fans. Jo O
Alex Glasgow - Northern Drift & Joe Lives My CD of Northern Drift and Joe Lives! arrived this morning - many thanks for the speedy service, it's much appreciated. Many years ago I had a LP version of Joe Lives! and really enjoyed John Woodvine's performance. Sadly, somewhere along the way in various house moves and de-clutterings it went astray and I thought it was gone for good. I had not been able to find a new copy in any format anywhere. But just the other day I was prompted to do a new Google search for John Woodvine and Joe Lives! and found your firm and all your marvellous material, and there it was, hence my order. I am very pleased to have a fresh new copy of Joe Lives! It's playing now as I type this message. I'm trying not to sing along too loud... As an expat-Geordie I'll be coming back for more of your recordings. Best regards Alan T
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne DVD's received today. Have just spent the most amazing time watching, singing, crying, laughing. best few quid ever spent. Bought the other one for my Mothers 84th birthday present which is a couple of days after Christmas. Just hope she has enjoyed it as much as me. Sure she will. Thanks Catherine H
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Watched the DVD last night, it was the best entertainment we have seen for years; it beats the modern stuff by miles. Thank you. Alan E
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Received it, love it, as two Northerners living in the Midlands for 46 years, it brought tears to our eyes. Thanks again. Jean D
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Thank you so much for the DVD and for posting it so promptly. I watched it last night and was enthralled with it, the photography is super and the singing is absolutely great. Thank you again. Jill B
The Owen Brannigan Story DVD Sir, 79years, ex-geordie, ex GP, may I say how much I enjoyed your DVD about Owen Brannigan. The accompanist interviewed was superb. But why no mention of Ernest Lush? Their "Friday Night" recitals were superb. Clever, witty, superbly professional, etc. Regards, James B


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When singer/songwriter Alan Hull died suddenly in November 1995, the reverberations travelled much further than his native Tyneside. As a founding member of the North East group Lindisfarne, his unforgettable songs had been heard around the world. Anyone who listened gained an insight into his thoughts on love, loss, heroes, villains, politics or just having fun, and all were married to melodies that could be delicate and beautiful or grand and anthemic.

On the 19th November 2005, ten years after his death, over 40 of Alan Hull's musical and literary friends and colleagues gathered at Newcastle City Hall to perform his words and music as their own tribute before a hugely appreciative home-town audience. The money raised by the concert was donated to the North East Young Musicians Fund and all thirty pieces performed by the all-star ensemble that night are featured on this DVD.

Featuring Phil Armstrong, Michael Bailey, Alan Clark, Simon Cowe, Andrew Craggs, Marty Craggs, Steve Cunninghan, Steve Daggett, Brian Duffy, Tommy Duffy, Mike Elliott, Frankie Gibbon, Charlie Harcourt, Graham Hardy, Brendan Healy, Tim Healy, John Hedley, Robin Howe, Brian Hume, Irene Hume, Ray Jackson, Jack Laidlaw, Jed Laidlaw, Ray Laidlaw, Ian McCallum, Finn McCardle, John Miles Jnr,
Billy Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Terry Morgan, Jimmy Nail, Paul Nichols, Tom Pickard, Greg Pullen, Rachael Rhodes, Chris Ringer, Stephen Robson, Bob Smeaton, Paul Smith, Julian Sutton, Kathryn Tickell and Peter Tickell.

Track Listing

01  Do What I Want    
02  The Hully Variations    
03  United States Of Mind    
04  Dingly Dell    
05  You're The One    
06  Malvinas Melody    
07  All Fall Down   Lindisfarne
08  Court In The Act    
09  Scarecrow Song    
10  The Morgan Monologue    
11  Peter Brophy Don't Care    
12  Make Me Want To Stay    
13  Evergreen    
14  A Reading From The Mocking Horse    
15  Mystery Play    
16  I Hate To See You Cry    
17  Long Way From Home    
18  100 Miles To Liverpool    
19  Money    
20  This Heart Of Mine    
21  Winter Song    
22  River    
23  Taking Care of Business    
24  Numbers (Travelling Band)    
25  Walk In The Sea    
26  Lady Eleanor    
27  January Song    
28  Fog On The Tyne    
29  Clear White Light Part 2    
30  Run For Home  Graeme Danby


Pete Fyfe - - 14/02/2009
Tribute and charity concerts appear to be two a penny in the North East (I wish they did in the South East too!) and at least everybody knows how to enjoy themselves. For this particular concert take one of the best ever 'folk' songwriter's and add some tasty musicians to the mix and you really have cause to celebrate.

Alan Hull provided some of the most memorable songs and hooks in folk-rock and along with the rest of his band mates in Lindisfarne created music that is timeless. Just scanning the sleeve notes for the songs including 'United States Of Mind', 'Scarecrow Song' and 'River' is like re-awakening my misspent youth at the Greyhound in Croydon where I first saw the band perform.

I can still vividly see Alan holding court along with the majestic sounds of Ray Jackson's tuneful harmonica and the whole audience trying to be Geordie for the night. But, I digress from what is a truly special souvenir of this more recent concert on 19th November 2005 when the massed ranks of L indisfarne past and present drew a packed audience to the hallowed Newcastle City Hall.

Featuring an array of special guests including Tim Healey, Prelude, Ian McCallum (of Stiff Little Fingers fame) and Jimmy Nail's subtle theatrical rendering of 'This Heart Of Mine' the audience must have been in seventh heaven - I know I would have been. I knew practically every song and as much as everyone else who attended that night felt proud to be part of the Tyneside tradition.

Talking of tradition, the Kathryn Tickell Band gave a tremendous performance featuring a compilation of Hull's melodies that was both inventive and smile inducing in its individuality. Of course, no show of this kind would be complete without some great singers and in this we had the glorious tones of Billy Mitchell, Ray Jackson and Marty Craggs ...all seasoned professionals and of course band members in Lindisfarne finishing with a well deserved standing ovation for the anthem 'Run For Home'. All I can say is I wish I had been there in person... in the meantime, this DVD will do nicely.

Pete Fyfe - - 14/02/2009