SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2014 SIR BOBBY ROBSON - ANOTHER (K)NIGHT TO REMEMBER Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer, Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Hodgson, Billy Mitchell, Jim Rosenthal, Mark Knopfler, Joe McElderry, Andre Villas-Boas, Alan Pardew, Steve Harper, Shola Ameobi, Stuart Pearce, Alastair McGowan, Russell Watson, Ruby Turner, Brendan Healy, Faryl Smith, Paul Smith, Ben Ottewell, The Unthanks, The Cornshed Sisters, Scarlet Street.

SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2014 SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012 Tim Healy, Kevin Whately, Chris Fairbank, Denise Welch, Brendan Healy, Charlie Hardwick, Chelsea Halfpenny and many more.
Various Artists

SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2014 BIG RIVER BIG SONGS - Featuring Sting, Jimmy Nail, Mark Knopfler, Joe McElderry, Jill Halfpenny, Lindisfarne, Claire Rutter and many more.
Various Artists

SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2014 Passin' the Folks Alang the Road! George Ridley & the Blaydon Races
Craig Conway
Geoff Wonfor
Graeme Danby


OUT NOW ON DVD... Passin' the Folks Alang the Road! George Ridley & the Blaydon Races. A new film by Geoff Wonfor starring Craig Conway as Geordie Ridley.
OUT NOW ON CD... Gannin' to Blaydon Races! - The Songs of George Ridley. Arranged & produced by Vic Gammon.
OUT NOW... Gannin' to Blaydon Races! - The life and times of George Ridley. A new book by Dave Harker.
Double CD now available.
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SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. I have enjoyed the dvds that I have brought from you not only this week - Sunday For Sammy 2012 which I received this morning and have watched and enjoyed tonight but also previous Sunday for Sammy dvds in 2008 and 2006 as well as Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne And The Tall Ships 2005 - I have enjoyed them all and may It continue hence why I have now ordered Sunday for Sammy 2004 and 2010. Shelley B
SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. I have just finished watching it, really enjoyed it. Hats off to Tim and his colleagues. Andrew P
SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2012. Many thanks for sending me the Sunday for Sammy DVD so quickly. This is a highly entertaining, amusing and well produced DVD. In addition, the three fantastic songs performed by the excellent Joe McElderry make it essential viewing for his many fans. Jo O
Alex Glasgow - Northern Drift & Joe Lives My CD of Northern Drift and Joe Lives! arrived this morning - many thanks for the speedy service, it's much appreciated. Many years ago I had a LP version of Joe Lives! and really enjoyed John Woodvine's performance. Sadly, somewhere along the way in various house moves and de-clutterings it went astray and I thought it was gone for good. I had not been able to find a new copy in any format anywhere. But just the other day I was prompted to do a new Google search for John Woodvine and Joe Lives! and found your firm and all your marvellous material, and there it was, hence my order. I am very pleased to have a fresh new copy of Joe Lives! It's playing now as I type this message. I'm trying not to sing along too loud... As an expat-Geordie I'll be coming back for more of your recordings. Best regards Alan T
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne DVD's received today. Have just spent the most amazing time watching, singing, crying, laughing. best few quid ever spent. Bought the other one for my Mothers 84th birthday present which is a couple of days after Christmas. Just hope she has enjoyed it as much as me. Sure she will. Thanks Catherine H
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Watched the DVD last night, it was the best entertainment we have seen for years; it beats the modern stuff by miles. Thank you. Alan E
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Received it, love it, as two Northerners living in the Midlands for 46 years, it brought tears to our eyes. Thanks again. Jean D
Big River, Big Songs - The Tyne Thank you so much for the DVD and for posting it so promptly. I watched it last night and was enthralled with it, the photography is super and the singing is absolutely great. Thank you again. Jill B
The Owen Brannigan Story DVD Sir, 79years, ex-geordie, ex GP, may I say how much I enjoyed your DVD about Owen Brannigan. The accompanist interviewed was superb. But why no mention of Ernest Lush? Their "Friday Night" recitals were superb. Clever, witty, superbly professional, etc. Regards, James B


SUNDAY FOR SAMMY 2014Various Artists
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Sunday for Sammy 2014, a cavalcade of North East talent performing in a roller-coaster night of entertainment staged in memory of Sammy Johnson and to support our region's entertainers of the future.

Featuring: Tim Healy, Denise Welch, Kevin Whately, Jill Halfpenny, Chris Ramsey, Laura Norton, Jason Cook, Chelsea Halfpenny, Brendan Healy, Charlie Hardwick, Billy Mitchell, Julia Tobin, Christopher Fairbank, Angie Lonsdale and many more.......

Olympic athlete Brendan Foster as the Emperor's Messenger? World champion boxer Glen McCrory and Newcastle United Fairs Cup hero Cap'n Bob Moncur as Roman Soldiers? Where else but on stage in Sunday for Sammy 2014 would you experience these dramatic delights? It's a measure of the enduring appeal of Sunday for Sammy that sportsmen of their caliber are prepared to put on the costumes and make-up and join the cast of celebrity North East performers to enchant the audience at what has become the flagship entertainment event in the North's calendar.

The now legendary Clement and La Frenais 'Auf Wiedersen Pet' sketch was set on Hadrian's Wall and Tim Healy, Kevin Whately and Christopher Fairbank were joined in this tale of Roman bricklaying and matrimonial misdemeanors by Denise Welch, Julia Tobin, Peter Peverley, Lesley Saint John, Pam Royle, Ingrid Hageman and Jeff Brown in addition to the three illustrious sportsmen. All were kept in check by the Emperor's Tribune, played with gusto by the inimitable and hilarious Brendan Healy.

Early in the show Billy Mitchell gave the audience a short history of Sunday for Sammy before introducing Sammy newcomers Chris Ramsay and Jason Cook (Hebburn) plus Laura Norton (Emmerdale) Simon Donald (Him off the Viz) and Charles Lawson (Coronation Street) who joined Charlie Hardwick, Joe Caffrey, Angie Lonsdale and Les Robson in two hilarious sketches written by Trevor Wood and Ed Waugh. (Apologies in advance to Ant and Dec and Lee Hall.)

Comedian Steve Womack and songwriter Pete Scott had the audience in stitches, Chelsea Halfpenny and Tom Mitchell performed a stunning duet, the Kids from Sage gave us a glimpse of the future and Sunday for Sammy grantee Immy Williams sang one of her outstanding songs.

As usual at Sunday for Sammy the music rocked the house, with duets from both Tim Healy and Lorraine Crosby and Jill and Chelsea Halfpenny. Ray Stubbs and Billy Mitchell gave us music that shook the City Hall to its foundations; all accompanied by the magnificent Geordienaires and Scarlet Street.

75% of the profits from this DVD will be donated to the Sunday for Sammy Trust, Charity number 1144531. Providing grants for talented performers from the North East of England.

Running time 135 mins